Kelly Drops Bomb: Claims Trump Disrespects Our Brave Veterans!

In a desperate attempt to keep the false narrative alive, the left-leaning media has once again resurrected the lie that former President Donald Trump called wounded veterans “losers” and “suckers.” This time, they are using former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to validate their baseless claims. In an exclusive interview with CNN, Kelly “confirmed” that Trump made these disparaging remarks about our brave service members.

But let’s not forget that we have already been through this. The original claims were made in an article by The Atlantic, which alleged that Trump refused to visit a World War I memorial in France because he made these offensive comments. However, everyone in Trump’s inner circle, including some who turned against him later, vehemently denied these allegations.

Even John Bolton, the former National Security Advisor who has no love for Trump, denied that the comments were ever made. Bolton even corroborated the explanation that Trump did not attend the memorial due to bad weather, not because he disrespected our veterans. It’s clear that CNN failed to do their due diligence before attempting to push this false narrative.

Once again, the left-leaning media is resorting to cheap political points by spreading lies about Trump. It’s a shame that they are willing to sacrifice the truth for their own agenda. But as conservatives, we know better. We know that Trump has always been a strong supporter of our military and veterans. This is just another attempt by the liberal media to undermine his accomplishments and tarnish his reputation. Don’t fall for their fake news.

Written by Staff Reports

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