Key Biden Family Associate Demanded for Interview: House Oversight

Rep. James Comer, a conservative Republican from Kentucky, is in charge of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. The committee wants a transcribed interview with Rob Walker, a business partner of the Biden family, to find out more about the Biden family's shady financial dealings with a Chinese energy company.

Rob Walker is a key witness in the Committee's investigation of President Biden's role in his family's business dealings. The Committee has looked at evidence that shows he got millions of dollars from a Chinese energy company. The Committee has also asked for financial records, which show that Hallie, James, and Hunter Biden all got money from Robinson Walker LLC.

It is evident that the Biden family had a questionable financial deal with a Chinese energy company as Rob Walker got a $3 million wire from the company and then sent over a million dollars to Biden family accounts and a close amount to some other Biden family associate.

This is another example of the Biden family's shady business dealings, and the American people need to know what's going on. Rob Walker once said that telling the truth about him would "bury all of us, man." What's he trying to hide?

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability is actively working to uncover the truth behind the scandal, and it's crucial for Rob Walker to collaborate with the Committee and provide truthful responses. The Americans deserve to know the truth about the Biden family's financial dealings with a Chinese energy company, and it's up to Rob Walker to give them those answers.

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