Larry Elder Smokes Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’ Commentator!

Larry Elder, the well-known radio talk show host and underdog Republican presidential candidate, took a no-nonsense approach in his interview as he systematically pointed out the ways that President Joe Biden has failed and disrespected the Black communities in America, all according to his own perspective, of course.

Appearing on The Breakfast Club, Elder wasted no time in telling host Charlamagne tha God just how Biden has turned his back on African-Americans. He blamed the president for policies that have caused inflation to skyrocket and the border to become flooded with migrants. Not to mention, Elder criticized Biden for his comments suggesting that a Black person who votes for Donald Trump isn’t truly Black. Ouch!

In response to Charlamagne’s question about whether Elder has had a “n**** wake-up call” regarding his differing views from most Black Americans, Elder didn’t hold back. He fired back at Charlamagne, highlighting how Biden insulted him by insinuating that he isn’t truly Black if he isn’t sure about voting for Biden or Trump. Elder expressed his disbelief that Charlamagne wasn’t outraged by this disrespect from the president. He went on to mention that Biden, back in 2012, claimed that Mitt Romney, a Republican candidate at the time, would put Black people “back in chains” with loose Wall Street regulations if elected. Elder further accused Biden of lying about his connections to segregationist senators and falsely claimed visits to Nelson Mandela in prison.

Elder made his stance clear: voting for Trump doesn’t invalidate someone’s Blackness. He is unapologetic about his support for the former president and refuses to be pigeonholed based on his race. Bravo!

Written by Staff Reports

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