Las Vegas Shooter’s Real Motive Finally Revealed

Six years ago, on October 1st 2017, Las Vegas saw its deadliest mass shooting ever, and the truth of Stephen Paddock’s motives have finally been brought to light. After nearly a decade of investigations, it has been revealed that Mr. Paddock was spurred on to commit this horrific act due to the mistreatment he received at casinos, despite his high-roller status. In the days preceding the attack, Paddock spent time gambling and conversing with staff members. They describe their interactions as normal, with no indication that anything was awry. However, the new theory is that Mr. Paddock’s motive was driven by resentment of how the casinos were treating him.

This revelation comes years after the Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded their investigation into the matter, without a definitive motive established. However, Paddock was known to have become obsessed with guns and had distanced himself from his girlfriend and family in the lead-up to the shooting. Despite this, the authorities were unable to determine the motive and speculating on what it could be causes harm to the hundreds of people who were victims that night.

Naturally, skeptics are abound over this late-breaking news, and who can blame them? After years of dead-ends and conjecture, this has to be quite an anti-climactic conclusion. Let us not forget that since this horrific event, our nation has suffered from further mass shootings, such as the shooting at the private Christian academy in Nashville, Tennessee, which was carried out by a transgender killer. It’s moments like this when we should question how society has deteriorated so drastically.

Therefore, the Trump administration’s bump-stock ban which went into effect in 2018, was a step in the right direction. However, this has been challenged in the courts, and it is still unclear as to what steps need to be taken next to tackle this issue. As a nation, we must pray for the victims and their families, and contemplate what actions need to be taken to make sure nothing like this can happen again.

Written by Staff Reports

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