Latino Republicans Are FURIOUS At Liberal TV Host’s Latest Comments

As reported by NextNewsNetwork, Sunny Hostin, who is a co-host of The View, continues to promote her usual racial slurs against Latino Americans who don't support Democrats. She said that they were tricked into voting for Republicans due to fear tactics and trigger words like "socialism" and "communism."

Comedian and talk show host Sunny Hostin was caught spreading false information to Democrats on her platform. She had claimed that Republicans wanted to raise the voting age to 28. Hostin made up the whole thing, though nobody called her out. Watch as she lies to her viewers.

Celebrity Nicholas Fondacaro criticized Hostin's claim that the Republican Party supports increasing the voting age to 28. He noted that no one in the organization is arguing for this. There was also no correction from ABC News.

It was not an accident that Hostin made the false claim about Republicans planning on raising the voting age to 28. She was actually referencing the 26th Amendment, which sets the age at which people can vote.

The left has been known to lie, and claim crazy things. However, it is amazing that a conservative hispanic individual would go on television and make the same claims that these people would have, which would result in sponsors canceling their orders. On the other hand, if you are on the left, you are also celebrated for your ideas.

In addition, Hostin was also presenting a fake news story about the right wing spreading conspiracy theories about raising the voting age. She questioned why the news organizations didn't fact check their reports and demanded an apology from them.

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