Left’s Crime Wave Crushes American Streets: No End in Sight

The United States is grappling with a surge in violent crime, with incidents like smash-and-grabs, sidewalk assaults, and muggings becoming more prevalent. Many attribute this uptick to the anti-police rhetoric propagated by the radical left. They argue that this surge in violence is not happenstance but a calculated strategy by the left to advance their political agenda.

At the heart of the radical left's ideology lies a desire to dismantle existing hierarchies in the name of "equity." However, critics argue that their true objective is to supplant traditional structures with themselves at the helm. This agenda, they contend, is not about fairness or equality but about undermining established norms and institutions. The left often portrays criminals as victims of societal failures, using this narrative to justify their own acts of violence.

Despite advocating for the dismantling of hierarchies, the radical left is notably opposed to the idea of self-defense. Critics point to instances where individuals defending themselves against attacks have faced legal repercussions, while violent acts by certain groups are overlooked. This perceived double standard reveals the left's selective approach to justice and protection.

This aversion to self-defense is likened to policies seen in Soviet criminal law, where individuals were discouraged from defending themselves and instead urged to flee from danger. Critics argue that this mindset strips individuals of their inherent worth and right to protect themselves and their loved ones, reducing them to mere instruments in the pursuit of ideological objectives.

In contrast, the concept of self-defense is rooted in the belief in human dignity and the inherent worth of each individual. Critics argue that the radical left's rejection of self-defense undermines these fundamental principles and demonstrates a disdain for traditional values.

Ultimately, critics urge a recommitment to the principles that have long guided the nation, including the right to self-defense and the protection of individual freedoms. They assert that it is time to recognize the true nature of the radical left and defend the values that have shaped the country's greatness.





Written by Staff Reports

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