Liberal media uses children as pawns for their anti-gun agenda, ignoring facts

The liberal media continues to give young people a platform to spout their anti-gun rhetoric, despite the fact that they lack the knowledge and experience necessary to make informed decisions. As Tom Knighton rightly points out, we should not be listening to these kids because they are not saying anything of substance that has any bearing on reality. At the end of the day, they are just regurgitating what they have heard from the liberal media, without stopping to consider the facts or use critical thinking.

The same can be said for the recent opinion piece published by The Hill, in which Karen Treverton and Gregory F. Treverton call for the banning of so-called “assault weapons”, without even bothering to define what this means. They claim that young people are “showing us the way on gun reform”, but the truth is that they are just echoing the misguided views of their liberal elders.

It is ironic that the liberal media, which claims to care about the safety of children, is actually contributing to the problem by stoking irrational fears and promoting gun control measures that will do nothing to reduce violence. Meanwhile, a recent CBS News poll revealed that parents are more concerned about issues like bullying and academic performance than they are about gun violence at their children’s schools. This just goes to show that the media’s hysteria about guns is not based on reality, but on an anti-gun agenda.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has bought into this agenda, and is pushing for the banning of so-called “assault weapons”, despite the fact that this will do nothing to reduce violence. President Joe Biden has even made false claims about the 1994 federal ban on these weapons, which did nothing to reduce crime. It is clear that the Democrats’ supposed solutions to gun violence will only make the problem worse.

It is time to put an end to the liberal media’s fear-mongering and the Democrats’ misguided policies. We need to have an honest conversation about gun violence, one that is based on facts and evidence, not emotion and ideology. Only then can we begin to find real solutions to this complex problem.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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