Top Democrat: Forget Women’s Rights, We Need Gun Control!

Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts is up to his usual antics, demanding that Congress focus on gun control instead of legislation to prohibit biological males from competing on women’s sports teams. During a hearing on HR 734, the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2023, McGovern launched into a tirade against House Republicans, lamenting the supposed “obsession” with “trans bullying” and calling the legislation “cruel” and “creepy.”

However, as is typical with left-wing politicians like McGovern, he’s completely missing the point. HR 734 is crucial to protect women’s rights and ensure that biological males aren’t given an unfair advantage in sports competitions. It’s a matter of fairness and decency, and yet McGovern is more interested in pushing his radical agenda than standing up for women.

What’s even more egregious is that McGovern is fearmongering, claiming that passing this legislation would lead to “hate” against trans kids and increased suicide rates. This is simply not true, and it’s disappointing that McGovern is resorting to such tactics to push his far-left agenda.

Instead of focusing on legislation that actually matters, like HR 734, McGovern is demanding Congress prioritize gun control. While gun violence is indeed a serious issue in this country, it’s notable that McGovern is willing to overlook the rights of women in sports to push his own agenda.

It’s high time for Democrats like McGovern to start focusing on the real issues facing this country, rather than pushing their radical and divisive ideology on the American people. HR 734 is a common-sense piece of legislation that would protect the rights of women and ensure a level playing field in sports competitions. McGovern should be ashamed of himself for opposing it.

Written by Staff Reports

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