Libs OUTRAGED As School Restores Basic Biology

North Dakota has taken a major step towards preserving traditional gender roles in schools, earning the condemnation of progressive democrats in the process. On Wednesday, the state House approved a bill that would require students to be addressed using the pronouns that align with their biological sex. The bill, sponsored by Republican Senators Larry Luick and Scott Meyer, passed the House by a margin of 60-32.

The legislation would go a long way in bringing a sense of normalcy back to the classroom, by negating the need for teachers and administrators to grapple with the new, and largely non-sensical, world of gender identity issues. Under the law, teachers will be required to employ the historically-recognized set of biological pronouns, unless parents have explicitly granted permission for the child to be addressed by a different set of pronouns.

Representative Lori VanWinkle commented on the new law, framing it as a way for teachers to return to their core competency: educating students. “We are returning to the required constitutional obligations as lawmakers regarding education,” she said. “Teachers are also able to rest with relief that they only need to remember one pronoun”.

It appears that the distinction between biological sex and gender identity is of no concern to the Republican majorities in the North Dakota House and Senate. The bill would also prohibit school districts from creating policies that dictate how to approach gender identity issues in the classroom or in teacher training.

Democratic Representative Josh Boschee was absolutely incensed by the bill, taking issue with the notion that there is even such a thing as “biological sex”. His argument, of course, ignores the fact that chromosomes exist and that, for 99% of human history, people have identified as either male or female. Nevertheless, the left’s radical agenda continues to push policies like these further and further into the mainstream.

Senators Luick and Meyer did not respond to reports’ requests for comment.

Written by Staff Reports

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