LOL: You Won’t Believe What Elon Found In Twitter’s Closet.. Or Maybe You Will

Many people still believe that the question of whether or not Twitter is biased against conservatives is still unanswered. The left is still working overtime to prove that it was not. They claim that it is a "fair and impartial" platform for everyone in the US, and they are trying to convince the public that they were not biased. However, we are also told that they should not believe what the experts tell us.

The concept of the "Biden regime era" is that people can't take experts seriously. After COVID, many people have realized that these experts are biased.

A new study conducted by some of the most prominent academic institutions in the US revealed that Twitter is not biased against conservatives. However, it did find that right-wing accounts are more likely to share "fake news."

The study was conducted by four researchers from different universities, including Yale and MIT. These include Qi Yang, Mohsen Mosleh, David Rand, and Tauhid Zaman.

The study looked into political speech, which is a very important area of concern for many people. It also found that a lot of Republicans have their accounts blocked compared to Democrats. This is because, even though this is a tiny portion of what moderation efforts are focused on, a large number of Republicans have their accounts removed.

The study did not find that Twitter is biased against conservatives. It found that the platform is actually more likely to moderate content that is agreed upon by users. However, it also found that Republicans are more likely to share misinformation.

The rise of social media companies being accused of being biased against conservatives has been a major issue in the US. This study looked into the issue empirically by conducting a survey of 4,900 Americans. It found that there is strong bi-partisan support for these platforms' efforts against misinformation.

The researchers then looked into the political bias in the suspension patterns of Twitter users. They were able to identify a set of 9,000 politically engaged individuals in October 2020. They were followed through the six months following the US presidential election.

During that period, 35.6% of the Republicans were suspended, as opposed to 7.7% for the Democrats. The Republicans were also more likely to share news from misleading sources.

The researchers found that the sharing of misinformation was also associated with the users' political orientation. As a result, they do not believe that Twitter has political bias when it comes to its suspension practices.

The findings of the study suggest that the increasing number of Republican accounts being suspended on Twitter is due to the party's tendency to share more misinformation. Despite the strong bi-partisan support for efforts against misinformation, the sharing of this content is still asymmetric across political parties. As a result, it is not possible to make political bias analyses based on the suspension rates of individual users.

The study was conducted by four researchers from different universities. It was supposed to be a study that would look into the political bias in the suspension patterns of Twitter users.

Elon musk proved that Yale and MIT were wrong when they claimed that political bias is not a problem on Twitter. His discovery proves that everyone was right about this issue all along.

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