Lori Lightfoot Caught Dancing As Violent Crime SURGES By 61% In Her City

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago has been criticized for her dancing in the streets, as the city is experiencing a spike in violent crime. The crime rate has increased by 61 percent in just four weeks. Many flagship stores have left the Magnificent Mile shopping district, leaving one-third of the area empty.

On Sunday, she was seen dancing at the city’s Lunar New Year parade. According to a user on Twitter, the mayor is dancing while the city has experienced over 2,000 homicides and 9,000 shots fired since her term started.

The mayor is now facing an uphill battle in the Democratic primary with several opponents. Her term has seen a dramatic increase in crime and vacancy rates of almost 30 percent as flagship stores have left Chicago. Well-known brands have all abandoned the city under Lightfoot.

The mayor has also been criticized for her response to McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski after he warned about the rising crime in the city. Lightfoot told him he needs to “educate himself” instead of addressing the issue. Kempczinski said that the city’s crime is affecting his company’s ability to recruit top talent, and employees have been hesitant to return to work.

The rising crime has affected the once-bustling Magnificent Mile shopping district in Chicago. The area’s vacancy rate has gone up 10-fold since 2016. A video was shown of the area, which was usually filled with people.

The criticism of Mayor Lightfoot’s actions is understandable given the current situation in Chicago. The mayor’s response to the crime crisis has been inadequate and her decision to dance in the streets while the city is in turmoil has been seen as insensitive. It is clear that more needs to be done to address the crime problem in Chicago and to bring back businesses to the city. Mayor Lightfoot must take action if she wants to remain in office and restore confidence in her leadership.

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