Masters vs Trump Pick in Arizona Showdown: Dead Heat Drama!

Blake Masters, a prominent conservative figure who narrowly missed clinching a Senate seat in Arizona, is now engaged in a heated contest against a candidate backed by none other than the renowned Donald Trump himself for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. An internal polling memo commissioned by Masters’s campaign and exclusively obtained by the Washington Examiner unveils a tight race, with both Masters and Republican Abe Hamadeh deadlocked, each commanding 24% of likely Republican primary voters’ support.

The memo reveals a significant lag for other contenders, with former Rep. Trent Franks, who resigned amidst scandalous allegations, gathering a mere 9% of support. Despite the endorsement from retiring Rep. Debbie Lesko, state House Speaker Ben Toma manages only 3% of support. Additionally, political newcomer Isiah Gallegos and state Sen. Anthony Kern trail at the bottom with 3% and 1% respectively.

With approximately 35% of respondents still undecided, the competition intensifies as the filing deadline in April draws near, leading up to the primary election scheduled for August.

Conducted by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates at Masters’s request, the survey sheds light on the candidates' popularity. Over 90% of Republican primary voters in the district are familiar with Masters, with 47% viewing him favorably, showcasing his strong appeal within the conservative base. In contrast, Hamadeh’s favorability stands at a lesser 38%.

Although both Masters and Hamadeh received Trump’s endorsement in their previous campaigns, the current dynamics slightly favor Masters. While initially, 28% of respondents leaned towards Hamadeh due to Trump’s backing, the tide shifts in Masters’ favor when voters are reminded of Trump’s endorsement in Masters’ Senate campaign last year, giving Masters a marginal 3-point lead.

The polling data, based on 400 likely Republican primary voters and conducted via phone calls and text messages, includes a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points to ensure accuracy.

Despite reaching out to both campaigns for comment, neither Masters’s nor Hamadeh’s team has responded as of press time. The battle for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District continues to intensify, with conservative stalwart Blake Masters and his formidable rival Abe Hamadeh locked in a compelling showdown for Arizona’s Republican voters’ support. As the race escalates, attention is squarely focused on the conservative stronghold of Arizona.

Written by Staff Reports

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