Meghan Markle’s Next Risk-Laden PR Move – Experts Stunned!

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is apparently trying to distance herself professionally from her wretched husband, Prince Harry, in a desperate attempt to fix their tarnished public image. According to sources, Markle’s move to separate herself from the very thing that made her famous in the first place is bound to backfire and further damage her already questionable reputation.

Renowned royal family expert Kinsey Schofield spoke to Fox News and pointed out the warning signs of Markle’s next move. She believes that by trying to separate herself from Prince Harry, Markle is only going to face more backlash. “He elevated her, and I think people will be much more forgiving of him before they will forgive her,” Schofield wisely noted.

As part of her professional separation, Markle has reportedly signed on with a talent manager all on her own, while her husband has recently released a new Netflix series called “Heart of Invictus,” in which Markle has no involvement. This move clearly signifies the professional split between them. Schofield shed some light on the situation, saying, “There were clear signs of a professional separation when WME announced that they were only signing Meghan Markle. Then the ‘Heart of Invictus’ trailer was released, and we discovered that Prince Harry was the executive producer — without Meghan.”

However, Schofield also pointed out the risks Markle faces by trying to distance herself from her husband. While Prince Harry, thanks to his long-standing presence in the public eye, may be more easily forgiven, Markle, on the other hand, was a nobody before she wedded into the royal family. Schofield astutely commented, “She was not a celebrity or a household name. We loved and accepted Meghan because we have loved Prince Harry since he was a little boy.”

After stepping away from their royal duties in 2020, both Harry and Meghan have pursued careers as full-time celebrities and social media influencers. Their attempts to make money off of attacking the Royal Family by exploiting their personal lives in a self-centered Netflix documentary and a tell-all book by Harry have led to widespread criticism. However, now it seems that Prince Harry is refocusing his attention on more traditional charitable roles associated with the British monarchy, potentially winning back some sympathy from the public. Meanwhile, Markle’s relentless pursuit of fame and approval threatens to backfire.

It’s a huge risk for Markle to distance herself from the very person who gave her the platform she enjoys today. As a former PR professional, Schofield offered some sound advice, stating, “I think she takes a huge risk distancing herself from the individual that gave her the platform that she has today. As a former PR professional, I would not advise it.” It remains to be seen how this professional separation will ultimately affect both Markle and Prince Harry’s public image, but it’s clear that Markle’s choices may prove detrimental.

Written by Staff Reports

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