Megyn Kelly Torches NYT Bias: Kamala’s No Victim!

On the latest episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” fiery conservative commentator Megyn Kelly took a big swing at the liberal media’s adoration of Vice President Kamala Harris. Kelly called out a New York Times columnist, Ezra Klein, for suggesting that Harris is some kind of political powerhouse who’s been unfairly judged because of her gender and race. Can you believe that?! Kelly, never one to mince words, scoffed at the idea that being a woman could hold someone back in today’s society. She even joked about overcoming her own “lady parts” to achieve success. Classic!

The audacity of The Times to suggest that Harris’s struggles on the national stage have anything to do with her skin color or gender is just laughable. Kelly couldn’t help but point out the double standards at play, highlighting how other powerful black women like Condoleezza Rice have faced no such obstacles. Preach, Megyn!

The editorial team at The Times must have been sipping some strong liberal Kool-Aid when they penned that piece, because it’s truly out there. Even NYT publisher A.G. Sulzberger seemed to acknowledge the biased tone of their coverage, leading to some serious backlash from the White House. The scrutiny surrounding President Biden’s age and mental acuity has reached a boiling point, especially after the recent decision not to pursue charges against him. It’s all just a circus, and Kelly is front row center calling out the nonsense for what it is!

Kelly didn’t stop there. She took a swipe at the mainstream media for their coverage of Biden’s rocky road to a potential second term. The suggestion that he engage in cozy interviews with clearly anti-Trump outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post left Kelly shaking her head. Biden cozying up to “Never Trumpers” and liberal media darlings? No thanks! Kelly knows the truth and isn’t afraid to share it: Biden’s got an uphill battle ahead, and no amount of biased reporting can change that.

In a world where fake news and liberal bias run rampant, Megyn Kelly stands tall as a conservative voice of reason. Unafraid to tackle the tough topics with wit and humor, she’s a breath of fresh air in a media landscape that’s often drowning in political correctness. Keep slaying, Megyn!

Written by Staff Reports

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