Merrick Garland: DOJ Ignores Antifa Attacks Due to Nighttime Hours

Merrick Garland, the newly appointed United States Attorney General, testified before the Senate and House Judiciary Committees on Wednesday to discuss the Justice Department’s budget and priorities. While Garland’s testimony focused on the department’s handling of hate crimes, domestic terrorism, political corruption, and white-collar crime, he also made a controversial statement about the lack of prosecutions of Antifa attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers.

Garland stated that these attacks often occur at night, making them difficult to prosecute. He said, “Those who are attacking the pregnancy resource centers…are doing this at night in the dark. These people who are doing it are clever and are doing it in secret.”

Garland’s comments have sparked outrage among conservatives who believe that the Justice Department is not doing enough to protect pro-life organizations from Antifa attacks. They argue that Garland’s statement implies that the Justice Department is not taking these attacks seriously and is allowing Antifa to get away with their actions.

Furthermore, conservatives are concerned that Garland’s statement may be indicative of a larger problem within the Justice Department. They worry that the department is not prioritizing the prosecution of Antifa attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and is instead focusing its resources on other issues.

It is clear that Attorney General Garland’s comments have raised serious concerns among conservatives. While Garland has yet to address these concerns, it is likely that he will face further scrutiny from Republicans in the coming weeks. Conservatives will be watching closely to see if the Justice Department takes action to protect pro-life organizations from Antifa attacks or if Garland’s statement was simply an empty promise.

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