Michael Hollins Released From The Hospital

University of Virginia football player Michael Hollins Jr., 22, has been released from the hospital after surgery for injuries he sustained during an on-campus shooting that claimed the lives of three of his teammates last week.

Brenda Hollins' mother tweeted in response to the announcement on Monday morning.

Brenda Hollins stated, "This has truly been a test of faith and I'm grateful,"

The team's running back, Hollins, was one of two players hurt but not killed in the fatal shooting. He was put on a ventilator after being shot in the back. He had many operations.

Brenda Hollins requested for prayers for her son while he recovers and for the families of his colleagues who were shot and murdered. She also asked for prayers for the community.

"Please continue praying for the Chandler, Davis, Perry families!!" Brenda posted

Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr., and D'Sean Perry were the three football players that perished in the incident.Perry played defensive end, while Chandler and Davis were wide receivers. The three males were all juniors at the university.

Authorities claim that the student athletes were slain by a fellow student and former football player, subsequently identified as Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., while they were returning from a class trip.

On Saturday, a memorial ceremony was conducted on the UVA campus in honour of Chandler, Davis, and Perry.

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Michael Hollins Released From The Hospital