Mike Pence Stunned by McCarthy’s Unexpected Ouster

In a fiery speech at Georgetown University, former Vice President Mike Pence expressed his disappointment with the House Republicans who played a role in the removal of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Pence criticized the chaos and division caused by this action, emphasizing that it does nothing to address the challenges faced by American families in the struggling economy. The former vice president predicted that McCarthy would still receive strong support from most Republicans in the upcoming vote for a new speaker.

The removal of McCarthy comes on the heels of Congress narrowly avoiding a government shutdown by passing a stopgap measure. The motion to vacate the speaker’s position, filed by Representative Matt Gaetz, accused McCarthy of making a “backdoor deal” with Democrats to prevent a shutdown. House Republicans ultimately voted to strip McCarthy of the speakership, marking an unprecedented moment in U.S. history.

Pence distanced himself from the Republicans behind McCarthy’s ouster, seeing their collaboration with Democrats as a recipe for chaos. He expressed relief about no longer being in Congress and highlighted the need for new leadership to address the concerns of the American people. Additionally, Pence criticized the recently passed continuing resolution, calling it a failure on the part of Congress. However, he made it clear that he remains a staunch supporter of providing weapons and support to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

Pence drew a connection between the situation in Ukraine and global democracy, warning that Russia’s possible success in Ukraine could embolden China to take action against Taiwan. He stressed the importance of the United States standing against authoritarian regimes and defending international boundaries. Recent polling has shown that a majority of Americans still support aid to Ukraine, despite increasing opposition among Republicans.

Pence attributed GOP opposition to Ukraine aid to President Joe Biden’s poor communication on the issue and his perceived failures, particularly the withdrawal from Afghanistan. While acknowledging concerns about isolationism, Pence advocated for the United States to both solve domestic problems and engage globally, asserting that the country has the capacity to achieve both.

Finally, Pence took a moment to critique his 2024 rival, Vivek Ramaswamy, over his past remarks on Taiwan, China, and TikTok. He playfully poked fun at Ramaswamy’s inconsistent stance on the social media platform, highlighting the importance of telling the truth, even when it may be uncomfortable.

Pence’s speech at Georgetown University showcased his conservative values and his critique of fellow Republicans involved in McCarthy’s ouster. He emphasized the need for strong leadership, support for Ukraine, and a balanced approach to addressing domestic and international issues.

Written by Staff Reports

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