MSNBC Desperately Shields Biden Amid Growing Reports of Decline Behind Closed Doors

The ongoing saga of MSNBC’s meltdown over reports of Joe Biden “slipping behind closed doors” continues to reveal the left’s desperate attempts to shield the failing president from criticism. Despite clear evidence of Biden’s struggles with coherence in public, his allies persist in painting a rosy picture of his abilities in private.

The biased news outlet MSNBC, known for its unwavering loyalty to liberal narratives, has come out swinging against any suggestion of Biden’s decline. Rather than facing the reality of the situation, they choose to attack the credibility of reports detailing Biden’s struggles away from the spotlight.

It’s no surprise that MSNBC and its pundits are quick to defend Biden, given their track record of partisan pandering. Their willingness to dismiss valid concerns about the president’s performance only underscores their commitment to propping up a failing administration.

The Wall Street Journal’s expose of Biden’s shortcomings has struck a nerve with the left-leaning media, prompting frantic attempts to discredit the story. Instead of engaging with the report's substance, MSNBC and its cohorts opt for diversionary tactics, hoping to shift the focus away from Biden’s obvious shortcomings.

In the face of overwhelming evidence of Biden’s decline, it is telling that his supporters would rather attack the messenger than confront the truth. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, not spin and deflection from a complicit media establishment.

It is imperative that the public remain vigilant in seeking out alternative sources of information and holding the media accountable for their blatant biases. The future of our democracy hinges on a well-informed citizenry free from the influence of partisan propaganda.

Written by Staff Reports

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