MTG Slams Weiss Appointment as Biden Family ‘Protective Firewall’

According to Greene, every attempt by House Republicans to access records related to the impeachment investigation of Joe Biden would be blocked by the Special Counsel, who she referred to as a corrupt and unlawful individual. She also noted that the House Republicans have uncovered more about the alleged crimes of Biden than the Justice Department has done in years. For instance, they have targeted David Weiss for his alleged incompetence in the Hunter Biden case.

She also stated that she doesn't believe that Weiss will be able to investigate Hunter Biden properly. Instead, he will create a firewall to protect the Bidens from the corruption that they have been accused of.

In a statement, Greene denounced the appointment of Merrick Garland, saying that he used the power of the Weiss law firm to conceal the criminal activities of Hunter Biden. She also noted that this move is part of a pattern of corruption carried out by Biden and his inner circle.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Delaware, was not shy about her anger at David Weiss, the US Attorney for the state, being named as the special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. She called his appointment a part of the corrupt behavior of the Biden regime.

According to Greene, one of the qualifications that a special counsel must have is that he or she be selected outside of the US government. She noted that this appointment of Weiss is a clear violation of the law by the Biden administration.

She also criticized the appointment of the special counsel, saying that it occurred while former President Trump was facing multiple criminal charges. She claims that these charges are politically motivated.

According to Greene, Weiss is incapable of conducting a proper investigation into the alleged crimes of Biden, citing the failure of the authorities to prosecute him for tax evasion and fraud despite the evidence provided by whistleblowers. She cited an FBI 1023 form, which she claims links Biden to the illegal payments made by executives of Burisma. She also claims that Weiss has chosen not to ignore the crucial evidence that links him to the crimes.

She also accused Weiss of orchestrating a secret cover-up in the case against Hunter Biden.

She also criticized the way the justice system handles the cases of the January 6th defendants and the Black Lives Matter rioters. She noted that even though the charges against the violent rioters were dropped, the individuals involved in the incident were still imprisoned for years. This shows the apparent political bias and unfairness in the system.

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