New Book EXPOSES Biden’s Distrust of Pro-Trump Secret Service Agents

After the inauguration of Joe Biden as the new president, reports reveal it was an incredibly challenging moment for the former vice president, especially after some US Secret Service agents revealed their support for the former president.

In his new book, Chris Whipple claims that Biden had issues with some of his Secret Service detail members. According to him, some of them were "MAGA sympathizers." The excerpt from the book was obtained by The Hill.

During his time as the vice president, Biden had been used to interacting with a small group of Secret Service personnel. However, during his time as the president, he felt like he was being surrounded by people who were on the Trump train. According to the author, the Secret Service was full of white former law enforcers from the South. Biden couldn't help but wonder if these individuals really wanted him.

His concerns apparently were vindicated after it was reported that the Secret Service deleted a significant amount of its messages regarding the attack on the US Capitol.

It reportedly left Biden feeling like the Secret Service had become both politicized and incompetent. The agency's motto is to be "Worthy of Trust & Confidence," and political affiliation is never allowed to affect its ability to protect the president.

Written by Staff Reports

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