New Low? Biden Can’t Even Remember His SCOTUS Pick’s Name

During his sermon at the Martin Luther King Jr. church in Atlanta, US President Joe Biden had a hard time identifying his own Supreme Court nominee.

In response to a question, Biden referred to the words of Kejan Jackson, the Supreme Court justice.

A woman seated next to Biden, who was visibly disappointed by Biden's inability to correctly identify the nominee, shook her head. Biden was widely criticized on social media for his poor choice of words. He also faced backlash for claiming that he attended a black church when he was young.

In response, Biden said that he was a practicing Catholic. He also noted that he would often go to Mass at around 7:30 in the morning. During his sermon, Biden did not talk about the ongoing controversy regarding his mishandling of classified documents.

In 2020, Biden released a video showing him parking his car in his garage. The footage showed boxes of what appeared to be classified documents stacked on top of each other. This week, it was reported that Biden was caught illegally retaining classified documents in his home. The materials were retrieved from his garage.

Last Thursday, Biden was confronted by Fox News' Peter Dodocy about the documents. He defended himself by saying that his car was in a locked garage. After seeing Biden's comments, many people on Twitter immediately pointed out a video of the former candidate backing his car into the garage in 2020.

The Attorney General of Biden has recused himself from an investigation regarding the incident.

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Written by Staff Reports

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