New York City Fires Another 850 Teachers Who Refused the COVID Vaccine

It's like a headline from another era: more than 850 teachers and classroom assistants in New York City have been fired for failing to obtain the COVID immunizations. The reason? The city is experiencing an outbreak of the disease. Because of this, the number of school staff laid off as a result of the COVID problem has reached over 2,000. They have all been terminated because they refused to have a vaccine put into their bodies. This vaccine does not prevent the virus, does not stop its transmission, and its sole claim to fame is that it lessens the intensity of illness once you have the virus. However, even this is a point of contention in modern times.

The following is a summary of the lunacy from the New York Post:

Around 1,300 employees of the DOE who took a year-long leave of absence without pay but with benefits agreed to present confirmation of COVID immunization by September 5 or be "deemed to have voluntarily resigned" from their positions.

450 of those employees were able to get their shots in time and "are returning to their prior schools or employment locations," according to officials from the Department of Education who spoke with The Washington Post. They consist of about 135 paraprofessionals and 225 teachers altogether.

Since the vaccination requirement went into force on October 29, 2021, the Department of Energy has terminated the employment of around 1,950 of its staff members.

The employees have all been terminated as a result of their refusal to comply with the vaccination requirement for education professionals that was established in 2021 by the previous Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio. Wasn't it just recently that we were able to get rid of this guy, de Blasio? I thought Eric Adams was going to be a more reasonable and effective mayor. It took him a number of months before he was eventually able to get rid of the ludicrous requirement that toddlers attend school while wearing masks. He has not been successful so far. I don't understand why he isn't rescinding the mandatory vaccination requirements for teachers.

Looking for some irony? The number of available teachers in the state is severely lacking at the moment. They are going so far as to bring in teachers from the Dominican Republic to assist with the workload. Now would be the ideal time to terminate a large number of employees.

Dr. Stan Harper, the superintendent of the Salmon River Central School District in upstate New York, offers the following explanation for the teacher shortage:

This scarcity began in 2008 due to the economic downturn and the fiscal challenges that we were experiencing, and it continued in 2012 due to the implementation of new APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review). Because of this combination of little funding and stringent requirements, we were forced to let an entire generation of educators go. Now it's at its pinnacle because of COVID; the question is, are they getting paid enough? Are the educators getting the respect they deserve?

Take a look at the expectations that are placed on teachers in the modern day.

According to the data released by City Hall, New York City has terminated the employment of more than 2,600 municipal workers who do not have their full vaccinations. Last week, an impassioned firefighter who pointed out the enormous irony behind the mandates went viral and received a lot of attention. His tale is one that will hurt your heart: This/status/1569439899518107648

To read more about the failure of the vaccines, the ridiculousness of the lockdowns and mask laws, and the terrible human costs, you can check out some of the earlier coverage we've done on this topic over at RedState, which you can access by clicking here. COVID has been eradicated across the majority of the United States, and while it is undeniably still a factor, it is no longer the emergency that it once was. When I read news like this coming out of New York, it makes me feel as though I've traveled forward in time to the year 2020 and picked up a newspaper there.

They assured us that they would base their decisions on The ScienceTM, but in practice they have done anything but that. After the failed administration of Bill de Blasio, Mayor Eric Adams was meant to be a breath of fresh air for the city, but unfortunately, he has perpetuated the vengeful and unproductive policies of his predecessor. It's not science; it's a form of discipline.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on RedState.

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