Noem Deploys Troops to Counter Biden’s Border Blunders

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a Republican, has made a bold move to defend the southern border by deploying the South Dakota National Guard to the “war zone” that is the southern border. Noem, in a show of strength, announced the deployment of 60 soldiers over a three-month period to the border to confront the crisis of illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and human trafficking.

Noem made it clear that the deployment is not to “facilitate an invasion,” but to stand up and stop it. In a press release, she stated, “The border is a warzone, so we’re sending soldiers. These soldiers’ primary mission will be construction of a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants, drug cartels, and human trafficking into the United States of America.”

The governor’s decision comes in response to the alarming increase in border encounters, reaching over 300,000 in December, the highest in the country’s history. Noem’s press release emphasized that monthly border encounters have skyrocketed by 452% since President Joe Biden took office, clearly indicating the failure of Biden’s border policies.

In a show of solidarity with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has been embroiled in a heated dispute with the Biden administration over border policy, Noem expressed her willingness to send the South Dakota National Guard to support Texas in January. This support for Abbott comes after the Supreme Court decision that allowed the Biden administration to cut razor wire along the border, putting the security of the nation at risk.

Furthermore, Governor Noem’s visit to the border with the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety last month further solidified her commitment to addressing the deteriorating situation. The visit only strengthened her resolve to combat the crisis at the border and uphold law and order.

Noem is among two dozen Republican governors who have stood in solidarity with Governor Abbott, including Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia, and Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas. Their united front against the Biden administration’s failed border policies underscores the urgent need to secure the southern border and protect the American people from the threats posed by illegal immigration and criminal activities.

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