Noem Exposes Hillary’s Twisted Glee Over Trump Indictments

In a scathing takedown of Hillary Clinton and the American justice system, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem let loose on Twitter, expressing her frustration and concern. Noem couldn’t contain her disdain for Clinton’s apparent delight over the recent indictments against Donald Trump. According to reports, Clinton was “beaming” and “grinning ear to ear,” a reaction that Noem found deeply unsettling.

In a tweet, Noem didn’t hold back, saying, “Hillary and the left make me sick with their celebration of this hypocrisy and no equal protection under the law.” And honestly, who can blame her? It’s mind-boggling how the left can cheer on such blatant inequality and turn a blind eye to their own party’s offenses.

But Noem wasn’t content with just a tweet. She took to Newsmax for an interview and let her feelings be known. Calling this a “literal breaking of America,” she went on to expose the weaponizing of the justice system to destroy political opponents. And let’s not forget the conveniently overlooked crimes committed by their own party and friends. It’s like they’re playing a twisted game of “Don’t look at us, look at them!” Pathetic.

Noem didn’t stop there, though. She put her focus on Clinton’s apparent lack of love for America. Laughing on national TV at the breaking of our foundation and constitutional rights? That’s not what a patriot does. No, that’s what someone who despises our freedom and republic does. It’s sickening to witness someone who doesn’t appreciate the greatness that our founders envisioned.

It’s clear that Noem doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to calling out the hypocrisy and unequal treatment in our justice system. She sees through the charade and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. In a time when politicians are known for their vague statements and careful wording, Noem is a breath of fresh air. Time for some real change, people!

Written by Staff Reports

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