Oh No! Democrat Congressman Curses God In Hearing

At Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, Democrat Representative Steve Cohen made a mockery of the notion that our rights come from God. He denounced the “right-wing” Supreme Court for upholding the Constitution and declared that it is the government who gives us our rights. His remarks were an affront to the very foundation of our nation and to the idea of natural rights.

The remarks made by Cohen not only indicate a lack of understanding of constitutional principles, but also reflect a perilous conviction that a single, adaptable human authority possesses boundless power. Cohen’s assertion that individual rights are not inherent but rather granted by the government overlooks the concept of natural rights, also known as God-given rights, which are not conferred by human-written documents.

The Congressman’s remarks were met with outrage from conservatives, who were quick to point out his ignorance and hypocrisy. To make matters worse, Cohen took to Twitter after the hearing and accidentally endorsed a post calling him a racist for his remarks.

Once again, the Democratic party’s detachment from the principles cherished by the American public is evident in this occurrence. They aim to alter history and disregard the truth that our rights are God-given, not government-granted. This poses a hazardous precedent that must be prevented before it’s too late, and conservatives must assert their convictions and resist this sort of extremism.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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