OMG! Bill Clinton Throws Biden Under the Bus Over Immigration…

After former President Bill Clinton indicated that the United States has a capacity limit for the number of people it can support, Joe Biden can't be thrilled about the situation of the southern border, which is in poor condition.
This comes after millions of people who are not authorized to be in the country crossed the border already this year

The number of unlawful entries that US border patrol personnel have encountered this year, which is over 2.1 million, is the highest it has ever been in the history of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
There were more over 200,000 crossings in the month of August.

Clinton asserted that there is a cap on the number of persons that the United States can legally let into the country.

The number of people entering the country illegally attained levels that had never been seen before during Joe Biden's tenure as president.

The United States Border Patrol and its predecessor, the Office of Field Operations, had recorded more than 189,000 encounters each month. This is a considerable increase in comparison to the number of encounters that Trump had during his presidency.

Over his time as president, Biden, has already logged over a million more unlawful entries than Trump did. By the year 2022, he has already come across more than two million undocumented immigrants.

People in the United States are fed up with President Joe Biden's inability to solve the challenges facing their country. It is very evident that he will not alter the policies that he has in place. The writing is on the wall.
Biden will continue to perform what his superiors have instructed him to do, even though the number of illicit entries is expected to continue to rise. 

Written by Staff Reports

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