Over Half of Biden Voters Sweat His Age for 2024 Run!

In the midst of political hoopla, the concern over President Joe Biden’s age is casting a gloomy cloud over his potential 2024 campaign. A whopping 54% of his own voters are fretting about whether he’s mentally and physically fit to keep the top job, according to a recent NBC News poll. That’s more than half, folks! And it’s not just his fans expressing apprehension, but a big chunk of the entire survey group, 62% in fact, have major concerns about ol’ Biden’s age and health.

Now, Biden’s own party members are getting antsy about his abilities to serve a second term. They’re not the only ones, either – Republican opponents are hopping on this worry train full steam ahead. Even former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley’s campaign ad threw some not-so-subtle shade at Biden, calling him and former President Donald Trump “Two Grumpy Old Men.” Ouch! The concerns for mental and physical sharpness seem to be less of a hassle for Trump, who’s just four years shy of ol’ Joe at 77. But even so, 48% of folks in the NBC poll still have their squirms about Trump’s age and health.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any juicier, Trump’s got his own share of worries. It turns out his 91 felony counts in four criminal indictments have voters sweating buckets. Sixty-one percent of the folks are shakin’ in their boots about Trump’s legal troubles. But here’s the kicker – Democrats are freaking out the most, with a whopping 95% majorly or moderately concerned. Independents are also joining the worry wagon at 65%, and only 27% of Republicans are feeling the same nervous twitches.

But wait, there’s more! Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt chimed in, saying that even though folks are more startled about Biden’s age than Trump’s legal circus, Biden’s still getting 17% of the vote from those who are super concerned. Meanwhile, Trump’s only snagging 10% from the peeps who are fretting about his legal battles. Drama, drama, drama!

Written by Staff Reports

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