Pamela Anderson Calls Out Tim Allen For Denying Flashing Allegation

In the latest episode of her feud with Tim Allen, Pamela Anderson stated that the former Home Improvement actor had to deny her allegations that he flashed her. She also said that the #MeToo movement was officially over following the presidential election of 2020.

In her new memoir, Pamela Anderson talks about her time on the set of "Home Improvement." She claims that, during one of the episodes, Allen exposed himself to her. Before landing a role on "Baywatch," Anderson played the role of Lisa the Tool Girl in the show's first two seasons.

Anderson noted that if the allegations were true, then the story would be "just the tip of the iceberg." She also stated that he would have to deny it due to the current state of affairs.

During the interview, Anderson continued to make the same allegations against Allen, who has denied the claims.

Anderson also stated that it was impossible to make the incident up, as she claims that after he exposed himself, he went back to his dressing room and acted like a schoolboy.

In response to Anderson's allegations, Allen stated that he would never do such an act. He also told the Daily Mail that he was disappointed by her claims.

In response to Anderson's claims, Allen noted that she was a fun-loving individual who worked well on the set. However, he also stated that the people at ABC were disappointed with her.

The alleged incident occurred when she was 23 years old and Allen was 37.

Prior to this, Anderson had posed for Playboy magazine. The incident might have been mentioned in this reference if it actually happened.

According to Anderson, during the first day of production, Allen was in his dressing room and suddenly exposed himself to her while she was walking out of her dressing room. He said that it was only fair since he had already seen her naked. Anderson noted that she "laughed uncomfortably" as a result of what happened.

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