Participants in Voter Fraud Learn the Harmful Consequences of Their Actions

During the presidential election for the year 2020, there was a significant amount of voting fraud. The Democratic Party exerted significant effort to secure locations where voters could cast ballots without having to present identification. They had the ideal cover story and rationale to request drop-off locations when the COVID-19 outbreak broke out.

It didn't take long at all for Republicans to realize the Democrats had gotten away with fraud in the 2020 election. To prevent something like this from happening again, brand-new regulations have been enacted all around the country.

Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida, was one of the leaders who took the initiative to establish and enact a law that established a law enforcement organization with the responsibility of monitoring elections. Since the unit was established, twenty people have been accused of committing voter fraud during the presidential election that will take place in 2020.

The people who have been charged with and convicted of voter fraud should have never been given the opportunity to cast a ballot in the first place. They had all been convicted of serious crimes, including murder, sexual assault, and other horrible offenses, and all carried felony convictions.

According to the statements made by Ron DeSantis, They did not go through any process. Despite the fact that their voting rights were not reinstated, they went ahead and cast their ballots anyhow. They are going to have to suffer the consequences for doing something that is against the law.

The consequences of criminal behavior are extremely severe. And those 20 persons who wanted to have their voices heard during the election before to this one believed they had the opportunity to vote. However, they quickly learned that attempting to vote would simply result in additional charges being added to their record.

A convicted felon's right to vote can only be restored if they have completed the necessary steps outlined in the process. However, individuals who have been convicted of murder or sexual offenses do not qualify to have their rights restored. They forfeited a significant number of their freedoms in order to carry out their criminal acts. They gave up their right to express their opinion over the proper way for the country to be governed.

All of the voters who have been convicted of voting fraudulently claim that they were informed that they may cast a ballot. Some individuals assert that officials advised them it was safe to cast their votes. And at this point, they are asking for amnesty.

Anyone who is discovered conducting electoral fraud faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Those individuals who were apprehended while casting ballots are believed to have willfully lied to officers from the government. Before the defendants can be found guilty, the prosecutors will have to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the individuals knowingly deceived the authorities.

The liberals' attempts to game the system and elect their chosen candidates led to the passage of the laws that punish such behavior. As long as they are able to secure all of the power that they desire, the Democrats do not care about the people that they may injure along the road.

Every single convicted individual stated that they were informed that they were eligible to cast a ballot. A few of them went so far as to submit an application to have their rights reinstated.

One of the individuals who faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail for voter fraud is Douglas Oliver. He asserts that he was coerced into signing up for the voter registration. He went so far as to assert that the official was pressuring him to sign up for voter registration and assured him that he could vote despite his sexual transgression. But in the end, Oliver found out that because of his conviction, he would never be able to vote again. He took advantage of the situation despite being fully aware that what he was doing was against the law. The price that he is going to have to pay is beyond his ability to bear.

Because Democrats committed voter fraud, voting procedures had to be modified as a result of their activities. Former President Donald Trump exerted great effort to bring light to the scam. However, the most he could accomplish was to lobby Republican-controlled states to alter the voting procedures they use.

According to Business Insider, DeSantis last year signed into law a constrictive voting bill that makes voters apply for mail-in ballots more commonly and limits the availability of ballot drop boxes, all in an effort to make voting more secure in Florida. This, despite his proclamation that the state "did it right" in administering the 2020 election. 

Election fraud is a crime that liberals are prepared to commit, which is a contradiction in itself. However, there are now stricter rules in place to prosecute individuals who were engaged. And those who are willing to step over the line will be brought to justice and punished to the fullest extent possible.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Retirement Insider.

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