Pirro Slams Biden’s Border Blunders: Real Talk on Immigration!

Judge Jeanine Pirro, one bold and fierce conservative voice on “The Five,” wasn’t having any of the liberal nonsense spouted by Jessica Tarlov about President Joe Biden needing a bipartisan deal to tackle illegal immigration. With passion in her eyes, Pirro erupted, questioning the need for more Border Patrol agents and slamming the idea of making it easier for more people to enter the country. Why indeed, Judge Jeanine, why indeed!

The failed Senate cloture on a motion to debate legislation on foreign aid and border security, negotiated by Republicans and Democrats alike, left a bitter taste in many conservatives’ mouths. Biden, always quick to shift the blame, pointed fingers at Republicans during a speech in Texas, and Pirro wasn’t having any of it. Blaming others is a classic move from the liberal playbook, isn’t it?

Pirro went on to advocate for reinstating former President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy and using Title 42 to control the influx of illegal immigrants. She didn’t hold back in denouncing the ineffective plans proposed by the left. It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone speaking truth to power, especially when it comes to protecting our borders and national security.

With the tragic murder of nursing student Laken Riley by an illegal immigrant, the spotlight is once again on Biden’s failed policies and their deadly consequences. The surge in encounters with illegal immigrants reported by the CBP since the start of fiscal year 2021 is alarming, and it’s clear that Biden’s open-border rhetoric has consequences. The left may try to spin this as a humanitarian crisis, but the truth is, it’s a security crisis that demands firm action.

As co-host Katie Pavlich rightly pointed out, Biden’s welcoming stance on illegal immigration has only worsened the situation. By refusing to enforce immigration laws and demonizing the efforts of law enforcement, Biden has created a breeding ground for criminal activity. It’s time for real solutions, not empty rhetoric and political games. Thank goodness for conservative voices like Pirro and Pavlich who aren’t afraid to speak out against the left’s dangerous agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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