Psaki Caught Spinning Biden Watch Incident Amid Gold Star Grief

The moment when President Joe Biden looked at his watch during the ceremony for the 13 troops killed in Afghanistan was a disgraceful act. His former press secretary, Jen Psaki, attempted to change the narrative in her book, “Say More: Lessons from Work, the White House, and the World,” claiming that Biden only glanced at his watch after the ceremony ended. This false statement was rightfully corrected by fact-checkers who pointed out that video evidence clearly showed Biden checking his watch multiple times during the ceremony.

It is concerning that Psaki, a supposed journalist, would try to manipulate the truth to protect Biden’s image. This behavior is typical of the Biden administration, which has a pattern of downplaying or distorting controversial incidents, especially regarding the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. Psaki’s eventual backtrack and removal of the misleading information from her book only came after facing significant backlash.

The Gold Star families, who tragically lost their loved ones in the botched withdrawal, were deeply hurt by Psaki’s attempt to diminish Biden’s disrespectful actions. Their grief was compounded by witnessing Biden’s lack of respect during the ceremony. It is appalling that Psaki would try to profit off these families’ pain by spreading falsehoods to benefit the Biden administration.

Psaki’s actions highlight the administration’s willingness to prioritize image over honesty, even at the expense of grieving families. The Gold Star parents rightfully called out Psaki’s deceitful behavior and emphasized the importance of holding the administration accountable for its failures. The attempt to rewrite history and downplay Biden’s insensitive actions only adds insult to the injury suffered by these families.

Written by Staff Reports

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