Ramaswamy Braves Fox News Heat, Stands With Trump!

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy showed his unwavering support for former President Trump as he faced his fourth indictment this year. When Fox News host Neil Cavuto tried to get Ramaswamy to admit Trump’s guilt, the candidate refused to take the bait. Cavuto argued that the indictments against Trump couldn’t all be politicized, but Ramaswamy firmly stated that these political persecutions were wrong.

Ramaswamy stood on the side of principle, declaring that these prosecutions were unjust. He believed that just because the government brought a case, it didn’t necessarily mean Trump had done something illegal. He criticized a culture that automatically assumes guilt based on government accusations, calling it a culture of sheep. Ramaswamy warned against allowing the people to behave like sheep, as it would only lead to a government of wolves.

Ramaswamy remained skeptical of the 91 charges brought against Trump and refused to admit his guilt, despite Cavuto’s persistent questioning. When Cavuto suggested that the case showed hints of the former president trying to reverse the Georgia contest, Ramaswamy dismissed it. He stated that he was tired of the conversation and emphasized that he was running to be the next president, focusing on what is in the interest of the nation.

The article also mentioned Ramaswamy’s rising popularity in the presidential race. According to a poll by Cygnal, Ramaswamy now has 11 percent support, surpassing Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has fallen behind with 10 percent. However, Ramaswamy still lags far behind Trump, who holds a commanding 53 percent support.

Editorial Opinion:
Ramaswamy’s firm support for Trump and his refusal to entertain the idea of the former president’s guilt shows his commitment to conservative principles. It is refreshing to see a candidate stand up against political persecutions and question the motives behind these indictments. Ramaswamy’s rising popularity in the polls also suggests that many Americans appreciate his stance. It is clear that Trump’s influence is still strong within the Republican Party, and Ramaswamy’s unwavering support for the former president may be a significant factor in his success.

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