Rep. Nancy Mace Wins South Carolina Primary Amid Redistricting

In a decisive victory for Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), she secured her win in the South Carolina primary, positioning herself strongly for the general election in November, thanks to recent redistricting. The Associated Press declared Mace the winner with 57.6% of the vote, following nearly two hours of polling.

Mace outperformed her rivals, Catherine Templeton, a former director of South Carolina’s Department of Health and former president of U.S. Brick, who garnered 28.8%, and Marine veteran and financial planner Bill Young, who received 13.5%.


A significant boost to Mace’s campaign came with an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, despite his earlier opposition to her in the 2022 midterms. Her victory is all the more remarkable considering the absence of support from longtime Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), who backed Templeton, and the internal party conflict stemming from her role in ousting former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Mace's win also marks a notable point in McCarthy’s “revenge” tour, with his allies channeling substantial funding through outside groups and PACs into races like Mace’s. Despite facing criticism over her voting record and office turnover from McCarthy, Mace’s triumph in the primary underscores her resilience against influential establishment figures.

As Mace prepares for the general election, her victory strengthens the foundation for conservative representation in South Carolina, reflecting the state's endorsement of her policies and vision.


Written by Staff Reports

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