REPORT: Trump Preparing to Launch 2024 Campaign After Midterms

During a campaign event in Texas, Donald Trump drew cheers from the crowd when he talked about his first two runs for the presidency…and he teased an upcoming third campaign for the oval office.

Trump said that he would probably run to make the country successful again.

That phrase "probably", which has been used to describe his potential presidential run, may soon be unnecessary.

His aides are currently preparing for a potential campaign in 2024. The former president is expected to launch his campaign after the upcoming mid-term elections, as he tries to position himself as the front-runner for the Republican Party's nomination.

According to Reince Priebus, who was Trump's chief of staff during his time in office, he believes that Trump is almost certain to run for president. He noted that if the former president enters the race, it would be very difficult for other Republicans to defeat him.

A third run for office would be a remarkable turn for a former president, who was the first to be impeached twice. He is currently under investigation for multiple allegations.

According to people close to Trump, he is eager to get back into the political game. He has been talking about a potential run for months, and his aides and allies are currently planning on a two-week period following the November 8 elections.

Although he hasn't made a final decision, it's possible that he could still decide to run. One of the factors that could affect his decision is the possibility of a runoff election in Georgia, as recounts could delay the results.

After facing criticism for not financially backing his preferred candidates, Trump has dramatically increased his spending.

Through his newly formed political action committee, known as MAGA Inc., Trump has been able to spend more than $16.4 million on ads in several competitive states. According to a report by Ad Impact, the group has also been planning on making additional investments throughout the upcoming election.

According to the report, Trump's Save America PAC has raised more than $340 million for the Republican Party and its candidates. It also contributed to online fundraising efforts.

The presidential campaign for 2024 officially begins when the polls close on November 8. Many potential challengers have already started laying the groundwork for their campaigns, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis is widely seen as one of the most prominent challengers to Trump. He has also been cultivating a large donor network.

Some people close to Trump are still skeptical about his potential third run for office. They believe that he would be unable to take another loss due to his ego and his concerns about a possible indictment. Others are also unsure if he would be able to get on the ballot in 2024.

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