RINO Buck Defies Impeachment Mob, Upholds Conservative Values

Colorado Congressman Ken Buck has taken a bold stance against the impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. Buck, a solid conservative, recognizes that Mayorkas may have some policy differences, but that doesn’t make him deserving of impeachment. Buck, who is retiring from Congress this year, has always been one to stand up for conservative principles, even when it’s unpopular among the grassroots.

In his interview with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, Buck clearly lays out his reasoning. He acknowledges that there is a crisis at the border and that the law needs to be enforced, but he believes that impeachment should be reserved for high crimes and misdemeanors, not policy disagreements. Buck understands the dangerous precedent that would be set if Republicans were to go down this path. He warns that future Republican presidents could face the same scrutiny and impeachment attempts from Democrats. It’s a refreshing dose of common sense and long-term thinking from Buck.

Despite the tight majority in the House of Representatives, Republicans need to choose their battles wisely. Impeaching Mayorkas would not only be politically divisive, but it would also distract from more pressing issues facing our country. Buck recognizes this and refuses to waver in his stance. He has done his due diligence and firmly believes that there is no new evidence that could change his mind.

This is not the first time Buck has taken a principled stand that riled up the grassroots. Last October, during the Speaker of the House chaos, Buck refused to support Jim Jordan’s bid for speakership. He challenged Jordan on his refusal to accept Joe Biden’s victory and his talk of defunding the Department of Justice. Buck understands that the Republican Party needs strong leadership during the presidential election cycle and divisive rhetoric and actions will only hurt the party’s chances.

It’s refreshing to see a conservative like Ken Buck uphold conservative values and principles, even when it’s not the popular decision. Buck’s retirement from Congress at the end of this year will leave a void that will be hard to fill. Let’s hope that his principled stance on issues like impeachment will leave a lasting impact on future generations of conservatives.

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