Robert Kennedy Jr Takes Stand on Border Gaps, Challenges Biden Administration

2024 presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. is sticking to his guns, or rather his fences, when it comes to the southern border. This guy is serious about it, like how serious little Timmy is about hoarding all the good Halloween candy for himself. He wants the Biden administration to get their act together and close up the 27 gaps where sneaky folks are getting into our great country.

Kennedy became a border warrior after actually visiting the border himself. He witnessed a whopping 300 people crossing in just two hours! That’s like watching a whole football team sneak into a movie theater without tickets. He’s not playing around when he says these gaps should have been closed over three years ago. He even saw the materials just sitting there next to the gaps, waiting to be used like a bored kid staring at a playground with no swings.

The independent candidate shared all this juicy info on Fox News because apparently, he wanted the whole world to know. He called out President Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for dropping the ball on this whole fence situation. Kennedy thinks all they need to do is slap some locks on those gaps and call it a day. He also wants to beef up security in the remote areas with cameras and sensors, because apparently, the folks in charge decided to take those away.

Now, Mayorkas finally admitted that the southern border is in crisis. It’s like when your little sister finally admits she ate the last cookie right after you found the crumbs on her face. Kennedy is real upset about this whole mess, especially after taking another trip to the border earlier this year. He’s not afraid to call out President Biden for doing a 180 on Trump’s border plans, and he’s not the only one who sees it this way. Turns out, more folks are finally getting on board with building that border wall. Looks like Trump’s idea isn’t as crazy as some people might think!

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Robert Kennedy Jr Takes Stand on Border Gaps, Challenges Biden Administration

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