Sage Steele Exposes Biden’s Cognitive Slump: A Concern for All Americans

In a recent podcast interview, former ESPN host Sage Steele didn’t hold back her opinions about President Joe Biden. And boy, did she have some strong words to say! Steele didn’t shy away from calling Biden a “terrible president,” and she even went as far as pointing out what she believed were clear signs of cognitive decline during her 2021 interview with him.

Now, some may dismiss Steele’s comments as purely political, but she made it abundantly clear that this goes beyond politics. Steele expressed genuine concern and even heartbreak at what she believed to be obvious signs of a deteriorating mental state in the President. And can you blame her? We all want our leaders to be sharp and capable, regardless of our political affiliations.

Steele recounted her March 2021 interview with Biden, where technical difficulties forced her to engage in some casual chitchat before the cameras started rolling. What she heard from the President raised some eyebrows. Biden seemed confused about who he was talking to and even had trouble recalling the name of the show. Yikes! That’s not a good look for the leader of the free world.

But it didn’t stop there. Steele shared how Biden started rambling about football and bragging about his skills while she was desperately trying to fill the time. It was clear to her that he struggled to finish his sentences and even trailed off at one point. Now, I know we all have our off days, but this was supposed to be a professional interview with the President! Can we really afford to have someone in the highest office who can’t even string together coherent thoughts?

Now, let’s be clear. These are Steele’s observations and opinions, but they do raise some valid concerns. Regardless of where you stand politically, it’s crucial to have leaders who are mentally sharp, especially when making important decisions that impact us all. And based on Steele’s account, it seems evident that Biden’s mental state may not be up to par.

It’s understandable that Steele felt sad witnessing this firsthand. She even suggested that this may be why Biden spent so much time in his basement during the 2020 election season. If even back then he struggled to finish his sentences, what does that say about his ability to lead our nation now? These are valid questions that deserve serious consideration.

In conclusion, it’s concerning to hear a respected figure like Sage Steele speak out about what she perceived as cognitive decline in President Biden. While her opinions may be politically driven, they do raise important questions about the mental fitness of our highest-ranking official. We mustn’t dismiss these concerns solely based on political biases. After all, we deserve leaders who can effectively communicate and make sound decisions, regardless of their political affiliation.

Written by Staff Reports

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