Schweizer Warns: Money to the Bidens Could Smell Like Bribery!

In a recent interview on Fox News, author Peter Schweizer shed light on a concerning discrepancy in President Joe Biden’s tax returns. Schweizer revealed that Biden reported having $12.6 million in income during the years 2017 and 2018 on his tax returns. However, when he ran for president in 2019, he claimed to have only made $7.4 million during those same two years on a financial disclosure form.

This $5.2 million discrepancy is alarming, as it raises questions about Biden’s honesty and transparency. It seems highly suspicious that Biden would conveniently lower his reported income right as he was preparing to launch his presidential campaign. Schweizer suggests that the increased scrutiny of running for office may have prompted Biden to adjust his numbers.

Furthermore, Schweizer argues that even if Biden himself did not directly receive money from foreign governments, his family’s financial dealings with those governments could still be considered bribery. He points out that according to federal guidelines on bribery, if a politician takes actions that benefit an entity that then pays their family members, it still constitutes bribery.

These revelations should not be brushed aside by the White House, as they raise serious concerns about Biden’s integrity and potential conflicts of interest. It is crucial for the American public to know the truth about their elected officials and how their financial dealings may influence their decision-making.

As conservatives, we must remain vigilant in holding our leaders accountable and demanding transparency. The American people deserve to have full confidence in their president, and these discrepancies in Biden’s tax returns demand a thorough investigation. It is time for the truth to come to light and for the White House to address these concerning allegations head-on.

Written by Staff Reports

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