Scientology Strikes Back: Leah Remini Faces the Wrath of Her Former Church!

The Church of Scientology has finally responded to actress Leah Remini’s lawsuit, and boy, did they not hold back! According to RedState, the Church released a statement calling the lawsuit “ludicrous and the allegations pure lunacy.” They even went as far as to say that Remini is “an anti-free-speech bigot” who should consider moving to Russia if she doesn’t believe in free speech. Ouch!

But here’s the kicker: the Church’s response came in the form of a tweet from an entity called “Hate Monitor,” with the Twitter handle “@standmonitor.” Now, this Twitter page is run by associates of the Church, and they claim to be dedicated to exposing discrimination and bigotry. Noble of them, right? Well, a quick look at their page reveals that they mostly attack Remini, other former Church members, and journalists who have reported on the Church. So much for fighting discrimination!

One journalist who was targeted by the Hate Monitor is Dominic Patten from He was called a “bigot” and accused of opposing free speech, simply for reporting on Remini’s lawsuit. Another journalist, Tracey McManus from the Tampa Bay Times, who covers stories on the Church of Scientology, was accused of using sources that make false claims. And let’s not forget about Aaron Smith-Levin, who grew up in Scientology and talks about it on a podcast. The Hate Monitor claimed that he “came out” as an anti-Semite. Incredible!

In her lawsuit, Remini alleges that the Church uses its tax-exempt status to fund social media promotion of Scientology posts and to pay private investigators to follow and surveil “suppressive persons” and former Church members. Now, RedState is just reporting the facts here, folks. We’re not taking sides. But wow, this Church of Scientology sure knows how to make a response! Stay tuned for more updates on this outrageous lawsuit!

Written by Staff Reports

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