Secret Calls Revealed: Biden’s Brother Ditches Meetings for ‘The Big Guy’

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Frank Biden, the younger brother of Joe Biden, reportedly disrupted business meetings on numerous occasions to answer calls from his sibling, commonly referred to as "the big guy," during Joe Biden's tenure as vice president. This development has sparked inquiries into the White House's assertion that President Biden had no connection to his son's business affairs.

Matthew Brady, an employee at the Federal Signal Corp., shared that Frank Biden would frequently remark, "I need to place you on hold; the big guy is on the line." Brady conveyed his initial perception of the circumstance, remarking, "I assumed, 'Alright, your brother is the vice president.'" This implies that Frank Biden may have been leveraging his brother's position for personal gain.

Frank Biden isn't the only one who uses the moniker "the big guy" in reference to Joe Biden. Hunter Biden's former business associates, Devon Archer, and a "highly credible" FBI informant have also associated Joe Biden with this nickname. This amplifies concerns regarding the depth of Joe Biden's participation in his son's business matters.

Not only Frank Biden but also another family member, James Biden, appears to have capitalized on his brother's name. When James and Hunter Biden acquired Paradigm Global Advisors, James allegedly leveraged his brother's labor union affiliations to secure financial support and investments. This indicates a recurring pattern of exploiting the Biden name and political connections for personal benefit.

Moreover, emails recovered from Hunter Biden's laptop disclose his ownership of a 10 percent share in the Chinese energy company CEFC on behalf of "the big guy." This raises significant inquiries regarding possible conflicts of interest and whether Joe Biden leveraged his role for the advantage of his family's business involvements.

These disclosures illuminate potential unethical conduct and misuse of authority within the Biden family. It's essential for us to ensure our elected representatives are answerable and to insist on openness and integrity. The citizens of the United States deserve access to the facts and should have faith in their leaders. This narrative underscores the significance of examining and rectifying any potential misconduct, irrespective of political ties.

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