Senate Prepared to Vote on Thursday to Advance Red Flag Gun Laws, Dealing Another Fatal Blow to Due Process and Second Amendment Rights

The 80-page bill, which was unveiled on Tuesday night, gives incentives to states that adopt red flag laws, increased background checks for anyone under 21 who buy guns, and more money for mental health and safety measures in schools.

The law also strengthens penalties for buying guns on the black market, expands the number of gun dealers required to register with the federal government, and eliminates the so-called "boyfriend loophole" by preventing access to firearms for those convicted of domestic violence against a close companion.

The "red flag" gun restrictions in the measure, which would let authorities suspend Second Amendment rights and take a gun away from anyone they believe to be a threat, are the bill's biggest worry. It kills the idea of due process and turns the legal principle of innocence until proven guilty on its head.

A person is presumed guilty under the red flag statutes until proven innocent. According to the procedure, someone can be punished by having their Second Amendment rights suspended and their gun seized for anything as easy as sharing a picture of a gun on social media. Law enforcement would take away the person's gun(s) if someone reported such post and raised any worries about the person's mental health.

A flowchart depicting a red flag law's operation was posted on Twitter by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. In his illustration, a woman encounters something offensive on social media; she reports the culprit to the authorities, who then confiscate his firearms.

The ludicrous arbiters of the Second Amendment cannot be self-appointed law enforcement scouring social media.

Republican lawmakers who have switched their allegiance to the Democratic group of lawmakers who want to take away gun owners' rights nationally supported the initial legislation proposed this week, which was passed.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

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