Shock Poll on Trump and 14th Amendment Draws Eye Rolls from Right

A recent Politico/Morning Consult poll has revealed that 51 percent of Americans believe that the 14th Amendment disqualifies Donald Trump from running for president in 2024. However, this poll is meaningless and a waste of time. The public’s opinion on this matter is irrelevant because it is ultimately up to the courts to decide. And given the history and original intent of the 14th Amendment, it is likely that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of Trump’s eligibility to run again.

Furthermore, calling the events of January 6, 2021, an “insurrection” is a stretch. It was more like hooliganism at most. No one was armed, there was little property damage, and the only fatality was a protestor who was shot by a Capitol Police officer. If this was an insurrection, it was the weakest and worst-planned one in history.

What is truly troubling about the efforts to disqualify Trump from running is the lengths to which the Left (and even some on the Right) are willing to go to prevent him from appearing on the ballot. It seems that they either think Trump is too dangerous to be a choice for voters, or they believe that the public isn’t smart enough to vote the way they prefer. Either way, it sets a troubling precedent.

In the end, the Supreme Court will have the final say on this matter, and hopefully, they will make a strong enough ruling that prevents this from happening again. But since the 2016 election, we’ve been in uncharted territory, so anything is possible.

Written by Staff Reports

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