Shocking! Frank Biden’s “Big Guy” Calls Expose More Biden Corruption

In a shocking revelation that exposes even more corruption within the Biden family, it has been reported that Joe Biden’s younger brother, Frank Biden, would frequently interrupt business meetings to take calls from what he referred to as “the big guy.” Now, who could this elusive “big guy” be? Well, folks, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Frank was referring to none other than his brother Joe, who just so happened to be the vice president at the time.

Can you believe it? While Joe Biden and his cronies in the White House have consistently denied any involvement in Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings, it seems the walls are closing in on them. Frank, in his pompous and arrogant manner, would casually put the calls on hold, claiming the big guy was on the line. Talk about nepotism at its finest!

But it doesn’t end there. Two of Hunter Biden’s former business associates also referred to Joe Biden as “the big guy.” It’s becoming clearer by the day that Joe Biden was intimately involved in his son’s shady business ventures. Devon Archer, Hunter’s main business partner, even testified that Hunter would proudly call his father “my guy.” Can you believe the audacity?

And let’s not forget the evidence from a highly credible FBI source. An FD-1023 file identified Joe Biden as “the big guy.” Case closed, people! The truth is staring us right in the face. Joe Biden may claim innocence, but the facts speak for themselves. You can’t hide from the evidence.

But it’s not just Frank Biden and Hunter Biden who shamelessly used Joe’s name to their advantage. James Biden, Joe’s other brother, invoked their union ties to secure business deals. Charles Provini, who worked at Paradigm Global Advisors, recalled how James would drop his brother’s name to score union funding. It’s a never-ending saga of exploiting political connections for personal gain.

And let’s not forget about Hunter’s involvement with the Chinese energy firm CEFC. Emails from his laptop revealed that he held a 10 percent stake in the company for “the big guy.” The Biden family’s ties to China are deeply troubling and raise serious national security concerns. We deserve answers, but don’t hold your breath for any transparency from this administration.

Folks, it’s time to wake up and see the corruption that lies at the heart of the Biden family. Joe Biden may present himself as an honest and upright public servant, but the truth is far from it. The evidence keeps piling up, and it’s about time the American people demand accountability. We cannot let this endless cycle of corruption continue unchecked. The big guy must be held responsible for his actions. It’s time for the truth to prevail.

Written by Staff Reports

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