SHOCKING: Over 10k Migrants Caught At The Texas Border Just Last Week

As the Republicans took control of the House in the November elections, they started focusing on the border crisis. On Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader from California, called for Alejandro Mayorkas' resignation.

On Tuesday, Jason Owens, the chief patrol agent for the US Border Patrol in Texas, posted a tweet about the number of migrants apprehended. Among them were six sex offenders.

Mickey Donaldson, the head agent of the Eagle Pass station, shared a video on Twitter, which showed the total number of people apprehended last week. He said that 10,343 had been apprehended, with the largest group being over 300. He also noted that 5,903 "gotaways," migrants had escaped capture.

"Del Rio agents were able to rescue eight individuals, and in coordination with our state and local law enforcement partners, 87 smuggling loads were intercepted, which resulted in 503 apprehensions and seven firearms seized," Donaldson said.

Statistics released by the US Border Patrol indicated that there were 230,678 encounters between the agency and migrants along the southwest border in October, which is a 1.3% increase from September. Also, 19% of the individuals apprehended had encountered the agency before.

The situation could get worse as the Biden administration tries to rescind a Trump-era public health order that was used during the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowed people to quickly claim asylum in Mexico.

According to Markwayne Mullin, the incoming Senate member from Oklahoma, the rescinding of Title 42 would allow dangerous immigrants to enter the country. In October, immigration officials apprehended nine individuals who were on the terrorist watch list after they were caught traveling alone.

He noted that without Title 42, the apprehended individuals would have been released immediately. This would have posed a "huge nationtal security issue".

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