Singapore Airlines Offers Up to $25,000 for Turbulence Victims

Singapore Airlines has announced a compensation plan for the victims of the recent turbulence on one of its flights. The airline is offering $10,000 to passengers who sustained minor injuries and $25,000 for those with serious injuries requiring long-term medical care. The airline expressed its deep regret for the traumatic experience and has vowed to provide full support and assistance to those affected.

During the May flight, passengers experienced severe turbulence that led to injuries and, tragically, the death of one passenger. Singapore Airlines has acknowledged the distressing nature of the incident and has taken steps to address the needs of the affected passengers. In addition to monetary compensation, the airline is also providing refunds to all passengers on the flight and offering 1,000 Singapore dollars to help with their expenses.

The airline has emphasized its commitment to meeting the specific needs of each passenger and has offered an advance payment of $25,000 to those with serious injuries. Singapore Airlines has also been covering the medical expenses of the injured passengers and has made arrangements for their family members to fly to Bangkok, where the incident occurred.

Overall, Singapore Airlines has conveyed its apology and dedication to supporting the affected passengers during this challenging time. The compensation plan and assistance provided by the airline demonstrate its commitment to addressing the aftermath of the turbulent flight.

Written by Staff Reports

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