Smoking Gun: Joe and Hunter’s Shady Business Deal Exposed at Dem Event!

A shocking video from 2005 has surfaced, revealing a jaw-dropping discussion between then-Senator Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, regarding a business deal. This explosive footage was aired by none other than the brilliant host Greg Kelly on Newsmax, leaving viewers in utter disbelief.

In the clip, the Bidens can be seen in what appears to be a candid moment at a Democrat event in South Carolina. Joe, after finishing his political speech, casually mingles with the crowd, seemingly open to exploring potential business opportunities. With keen interest, Hunter closely observes his father’s interactions.

As the conversation turns to business matters, Hunter eagerly joins in, leaving no doubt about his involvement in these dubious deals. The video captures Joe returning to his mingling, as if his hand in business affairs is just another day in the office. Meanwhile, Hunter seems to conveniently separate himself to carry on with his discussion, highlighting his clear dedication to pursuing personal gain.

Newsmax described this shocking evidence as “circumstantial, but devastating.” And it’s no wonder. Hunter Biden has been swimming in a sea of controversies and allegations, particularly in his shady business dealings in Ukraine and China. The fact that he was indicted on a felony gun charge by the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware only reinforces his dubious track record.

This video leaves no room for doubt. It showcases the Bidens smoothly transitioning between their political engagements and their profitable personal pursuits. It’s a clear display of their willingness to put personal gain before the interests of the American people. The American public deserves answers and accountability from Joe and Hunter Biden, not favors for their friends and family.

Written by Staff Reports

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