Sotomayor’s Retirement Race: Health, Age, & Liberal Fears

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is under pressure to retire before it’s too late. After the nightmare scenario liberals found themselves in when Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, the left is nervously eyeing Sotomayor’s seat. With concerns about her age, health, and the likelihood of Democrats losing control of the Senate in 2024, it’s a wonder that Sotomayor hasn’t already resigned.

Progressive journalist Josh Barro expressed surprise that Sotomayor is still holding onto her seat. As he pointed out, the Democrats might lose control of the Senate in the next election, leaving them without an opportunity to appoint a new justice for years. It’s a risk that Sotomayor should seriously consider, given her frustrations with the court sliding to the right.

Sotomayor openly shared her discontent with the court’s conservative leanings. She admitted that she is struggling to cope with the demands of her prestigious job, lamenting the decisions made by her conservative colleagues. It begs the question of why she would choose to carry on if the weight of every loss traumatizes her stomach and her heart.

Sotomayor’s age and health should also be taken into consideration. At 69 years old and with diabetes, it’s understandable that the demands of her position might take a toll. Yet, she continues to soldier on without much concern for her own well-being. Perhaps it is time for her to prioritize her health and pass the torch to someone younger and healthier.

The lesson learned from Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s untimely departure is that timing is everything. Many liberals expressed regret that Ginsburg didn’t retire while Barack Obama was still president, which ultimately allowed President Trump to appoint her replacement. Sotomayor has the opportunity to avoid making the same mistake. By retiring now, she can give Democrats a chance to secure a new justice before their control over the Senate slips away.

Critics have already raised doubts about Sotomayor’s qualifications and judicial temperament. Her recent talk at UC Berkeley further fueled the fire, where she exclaimed her goal was to bend the “arc of the universe toward justice.” Her frustration with her conservative colleagues’ decisions was apparent, raising concerns about her ability to remain impartial.

Sotomayor complained about not having enough time to relax, bemoaning the lack of a lengthy summer break. However, the emergency calendar keeps her busy almost every week. While it’s understandable that the Supreme Court carries a heavy workload, her remarks may come off as tone-deaf to those who have lost their vacations due to the demands of their own jobs.


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