Stolen Secrets: Pentagon Investigates Leak of Sensitive Data

The Biden administration has been facing a series of unfortunate events, with the most recent being the discovery of a data leak at the Pentagon. An independent cybersecurity researcher found that the server was left vulnerable for up to two weeks until the Pentagon finally addressed the issue on Monday. Due to the lack of password protection, anyone with the server’s I.P. address and internet access could access the unclassified, internal U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) e-mails. The leaked data contained sensitive personnel information, including a background questionnaire for security clearance holders, and amounted to up to three terabytes.

The data leak raises several uncertainties, such as whether the exposure was deliberate, possibly to provide China with access to the information. These concerns are amplified by the Biden family’s connection to China, which includes millions of dollars paid to Hunter Biden. The server implicated in the Pentagon incident was hosted on Azure Government, a Microsoft cloud computing service. Despite U.S. Cyber Command’s statement on the matter, there is limited information available about the leak.

According to the Pentagon, the data leak was not the result of a hack, but it is difficult to distinguish between intentional foreign interference and the Biden administration’s lack of competence. This is especially troubling given the other incidents that have occurred during the current administration, including a Chinese spy balloon breaching U.S. missile sites and a hazardous chemical spill in Ohio that has caused individuals to cough up blood.

The Pentagon’s data leak is another instance of the disorder that has emerged since Joe Biden assumed the presidency. The responsible party and reason for the breach going undiscovered for up to two weeks remain uncertain. The fact that the exposed data could have been accessed by anyone with an I.P. address and internet access is disconcerting, and it raises the possibility of additional breaches in the future. The Biden administration must take steps to prevent future occurrences and promptly identify and remedy any potential breaches.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Conservative Institute

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