Sunny Hostin’s Ancestry Shocker: Reparations Pusher’s Own Slave Owner Roots Revealed

The View co-host Sunny Hostin has been a vocal advocate for reparations for descendants of slaves, but a recent discovery about her own ancestry may have her singing a different tune. Hostin, in the past, called for reparations, saying the British monarchy should provide reparations to the colonies for its history of exploitation. However, a recent episode of “Finding Your Roots” revealed some uncomfortable truths about her own family’s history.

The episode revealed that Hostin’s third great-grandfather, Fermín, was the son of a merchant likely involved in the slave trade and was himself a slave owner. Additionally, it was discovered that her family’s ancestry originates in Spain, with ties to Spain’s colonial past. This revelation shook Hostin, who had always identified as half-Puerto Rican and half-black. She expressed shock and noted the disconnect between her family’s history and her own self-perception.

However, despite this revelation, Hostin didn’t backtrack on her beliefs in reparations. While she admitted finding her family history “pretty interesting,” she maintained her support for reparations and racial justice in the United States. She even went so far as to say that knowing her family’s history has enriched her and emphasized the progress her family has made.

This discrepancy between Hostin’s strong stance on reparations for historical injustices and her familial ties to slavery and colonialism raises questions about her own responsibility and potential hypocrisy. While she advocates for reparations for others, she seems to downplay her own family’s past and its impact on her standing today.

Hostin’s reaction to the revelation about her own ancestry suggests that personal accountability may not be as important to her as holding others accountable for the actions of their ancestors. This exposes a major contradiction in her beliefs and raises doubts about the sincerity of her advocacy for reparations.

The discovery on “Finding Your Roots” forces Hostin to confront uncomfortable truths about her family’s history and the impact it has on her own stance on reparations. It serves as a reminder that holding individuals responsible for the actions of their ancestors is a contentious issue with no easy answers. As Hostin continues to advocate for reparations, her own family’s history will likely be a point of interest and contention for those scrutinizing her beliefs.

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