Supreme Court Justice Takes HUGE Stand Against J6 Panel

A congressional committee is looking into an attack on the United States Capitol last year by supporters of then-President Donald Trump's supporters. On Wednesday, Justice Elena Kagan of the Supreme Court temporarily blocked the committee from obtaining Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward's phone records until the court further evaluates the dispute. It was on the same day that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States that the attack took place.

An ally of President Trump named Ward had asked the Supreme Court to step in after lower courts had declined to bar telephone carrier T-Mobile from complying with a subpoena issued by a Democratic-led House of Representatives committee seeking three months of her call records. The committee was looking for her call records. Ward had asked the Supreme Court to step in after the lower courts had declined to bar T-Mobile from complying with the subpoena. T-Mobile was compelled to hand over Ward's call history as a result of the subpoena. After lower courts declined to prohibit T-Mobile from operating, Ward requested the Supreme Court to take the case into consideration. While the court waits for a further order from either Kagan or the whole court, Kagan issued an order that effectively paused the action and prevented the subpoena from being served.

A group of states, one of which being Arizona, have entrusted Arizona Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan with the duty of presiding over the hearing of their most pressing cases. The committee has until Friday to provide a response to the request that was made by Ward, according to the order that was handed down by Kagan.

The panel requested the records as part of its investigation into the events that preceded the deadly assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, by Trump supporters who sought to prevent Congress from certifying that Trump lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden. The assault occurred when Trump supporters attempted to prevent Congress from certifying that Trump lost the election to Joe Biden. The attack, which took place at a period in which the Capitol building was closed for renovations.

A subpoena was delivered to Donald Trump by the committee the week before last, and it is expected that he will fight against the subpoena. Trump, who is considering making a second bid for the presidency in 2024, has claimed that the panel is participating in dishonest political assaults against him, and he has levelled this accusation against the panel.

The panel had already started looking for records connected to Ward, who, according to the panel, had engaged in several portions of the attempts to tamper with the election count. The panel was seeking for data that went back as far as possible.

From November 1, 2020, all the way through January 30, 2021, the span of time that was covered by the records of conversations and text exchanges that it requested was included in the records that it asked. During this time, Ward was a part of a group of Republicans who erroneously represented themselves as Arizona's presidential electors. They did this to gain an advantage in the election.

Her legal team contended that granting the committee access to her phone and text message data would violate the constitutional rights of Republicans to free association. They said that this would be a clear violation of the first amendment. This is due to the fact that doing so would give the committee the ability to access the names of party members who had discussions with her, which would be a violation of the rights of the Republicans.

On September 22, U.S. District Judge Diane Humetewa in Arizona stated that Ward did not provide any evidence to back her allegations that disclosing the information would result in harassment of anyone who dealt with her or would chill the rights of Republicans. Humetewa stated that Ward's statements were unsupported by any evidence. This declaration was made by Humetewa.

The 9th United States Circuit Court of Appeals, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, came to the conclusion on October 22 that the subpoena would not be placed on hold pending the outcome of Ward's appeal.

 The committee asserts that these individuals were aware of or involved in efforts to send fictitious "alternate electors" to Washington as the election results were being certified.

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